Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Flying to Bangkok

Lizbeth and I took off on Monday with our first stop being Tokyo after a 10 hour flight. (it was suppose to be an 11 hour flight...or so we had been told) After a two hour layover, we were off on the last 6 hour leg to Bangkok!

How great it was to see Thalia walking towards us!  Then there was Erica in the distance with her camera...and my baby boy!  I couldn't believe we were actually here!!!

A driver from the embassy had driven them there ... Joshua and Erica don't have a car and aren't going to get one! Off we went... I was in awe of the overpasses...yep, the overpasses!  The tops of the columns looked like the spires of temples.  It was past midnight...and I had been traveling for over 24 hours...and we were on the freeway...so my description may be a little off... But I was in awe... 

I think I finally laid my head down and turned off the light at 3 a. m. - which was 1 pm in California.

I'm with Joshua, Erica, Thalia, and Lizbeth in Bangkok!  Oh boy!


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Have a great time!