Sunday, December 01, 2013

He's 53...but still my baby brother!

My baby brother, John David, is 53 years old today.  Yesterday, I mentioned that he'd be 54 tomorrow.  He was QUICK to correct me that he would only be 53.
 Fast forward to 1979...painting the trim on our parent's house...such a helper!
 Joshua was 3 years old...and Gabe was a their Uncle John was filling up the swimming pool for them!  What an uncle!
 This is also 1979... but we're at Mimi's house...playing with his nephews!
 What a stud with his new car!... and such a snazzy dresser!
Hanging out with Joshua...over at Aunt Terry and Uncle Buddy's house...still in 1979.
 By 1985, he was learning to snap photos like his big sister!  What a photographer!
Christmas, 1985
 By Christmas of 1998, my baby brother was a family man with a wife, 2 kids, and a dog. 
 Christmas, 1998
 Christmas, 1998

 Even in 1998, he was quite the comedian!

 Did I mention he was a 'comedian'?  He was acting like he was licking the gravy bowl clean...or maybe he WAS licking the gravy bowl clean!
I do believe UJ was making sure his nephews didn't take too much pie...
After the Christmas celebrations...out to dinner with sweet Becky!
 In 1999, he took us out to eat at Old Warsaw...
and then in 1999, he was being quite the comedian...again.
I can't find the year for this picture...but I love it!
 This was in December, 2006...I do believe it was Christmas day!
 with his mama and his favorite sister in 2006!
One of my all time favorite pics of my baby brother and one of my baby boys, Gabe!
November 2011
in my baby brother's house for Thanksgiving.

Well, here it is, December 1st...
Happy, happy birthday to you, brother dear!

Your favorite sister adores you :)

He isn't always truthful!
He's actually 54...


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the great blog. The pictures are wonderful and brings back such memories. Happy Birthday Dave. Mom

Anonymous said...

Judy, thanks for the Blog. However, I am really 54 but don't tell anyone!!

Thanks for the blog!

Love ya,


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday UJ. You're awesome.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday UJ!

Love ya!

Gabe & Emerson