Saturday, January 03, 2015


This year for Thanksgiving, we went down to Lindsey and Donnie's for  part of the week.
 Benjamin had made this turkey hat at school...and on Thanksgiving, he wore it most of the day!
 This was actually taken earlier in the day, before he got dressed for dinner.  Benjamin LOVES trains...and LOVES Legos...and this is 65001.
 Hello, William!
William started saying, "I'm going to put you in JAIL!"  Where in the world he heard that, I don't know!

This is Don, Donnie's dad.  He and Susan live in Montana and they were here for a couple of weeks.  We really enjoy hanging out with them!
This is Gabby and her boyfriend....Gabby is Jean-Marie and Betty's daughter.
Jean-Marie is Linz and Donnie's next door neighbor extraordinaire!
Susan was cooking part of our dinner at Jean-Marie and Betty's...
William was loving hanging out at both houses.  I love these pictures of him perched on the stool!

Here we are around one of the tables...Betty, Susan, and Benjamin!
Gabe came down for the day...he and the other men spent a bit of time watching football and visiting over at Jean-Marie's.

William decided to take a stroll outside...
while most of us kept eating inside!
Lindsey...not sure why she's standing up eating?  We had 23 people there for dinner!
As you can see, these hats were a hit!
My favorite pilgrim.

and my favorite daughter!
These still make me laugh!  William has on Don's glasses...and the hat!

On Friday, Benjamin and Lindsey rode bikes and I jogged/walked around the lake.  It was a gorgeous day!

At various places around the lake, there were these exercise stations.  Benjamin decided to try a few of them out.
Well, Lindsey decided to try some of them, too.
Then it was time to head back home...

Home sweet home!

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