Thursday, June 04, 2015

May 23, 2015

May 22nd, we drove down and spent the night at Gabe's.  Saturday morning, we took off for Lindsey's, bringing Emerson with us for the weekend!  YeeHaw!

We played...and played...
We played baseball, basketball, jumped on the trampoline, ate waffles and pancakes, played catch..
we had a lot of fun!
I love to play with my little men...
they're fun!
Lindsey bought another tee...

William has fair skin...
reddish eyes,
he burns easily.
Lindsey is good about keeping a hat on him....
sometimes I wasn't sure how he was seeing where he was going!

Emerson was definitely cranking out the balls.  
Unfortunately, I was right in the line of fire on one of his swings...
and got nailed on the arm.
I moved.

We were having a birthday party in a couple of days, so Donnie was mowing the backyard...
with a little help!

 The tee was definitely fun...
we all had some fun hitting off of it.
 I'm not too sure how much good the hat did William when he kept turning it around backwards...

Benjamin was definitely working on his swing!
I had learned my lesson and stayed out of the ball's trajectory!

 We played some basketball, too.
Papa got in on this game.

We also played catch in the house!
Emerson had brought a really soft, larger ball with him.  Then I found, at Target,
a pack of 4 softballs...made out of some softer material.
They're perfect for catch in the house!

 Emerson also wanted to practice on some grounders.
 Back outside..
on the trampoline!

 That night after baths...
we played catch some more.

 When it was time for bed, we first needed to read some books.
The big boys took turns on the blow up bed.  
The first night, Emerson was on the air bed
and the 2nd night, Benjamin was on it.
 They just figured it out...
It's so nice how they just decided and agreed on the sleeping arrangements without any argument!
This was definitely a fun day with my little men!

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So much fun!