Wednesday, June 03, 2015

That Poor PA

My Mom

A little background:  She's been she's a lot better, but she had some bug...respiratory...for a few weeks.  She finally went to a doctor a couple of weeks ago...well, she didn't see "THE DOCTOR"...oh no, she saw 'the ole PA'.  (Physician's assistant)

Well, the PA had given her some medication...and then a week or so later,when she wasn't any better,  my brother took her into emergency (I think) and she got an inhaler...THEN she started getting better.

Fast forward to yesterday/today....she had a check-up.

I said, "Did you see the doctor?"
"Oh no, of course not!  I saw the PA."  (said with disgust)
Mom told me how she had to wait an HOUR when there was only 1 person in the waiting room when she got there.
"Why did you have to wait an hour?"
"Oh honey, I DON'T KNOW!" (said with disgust) "I told Becky, 5 more minutes and we're leaving."

Well, Mom was called in.

It wasn't the PA, but someone "who didn't know anything."
So this person who doesn't know anything says to my mom,

"I need to measure your height."
"No, you don't," my mom answers.
"I need to do that," this person who doesn't know anything replies.
My dear mother said, "Look, they measured me 2 weeks ago.  I'm 88 years old and I haven't grown in the past 2 weeks!"

This person then tells my mom they need to weigh her.
"No you don't," answers my mom.

Then this person checks her oxygen level.
"What is it?" my Mom asks.
'91 or 92'

Then they take her blood pressure.
"What is it?" my mom asks.
Mom didn't tell me what it was, but she said "It was fine."

So this person tells her that the PA will be in shortly.

My mom's reply:  "Well, she better, or I won't be here!"

Well, in walks the PA.

"How are you, Bonnie?"
"I'm mad and I'm fine!" my sweet Mom answers.

PA:  "Let me check your oxygen."
Mom:  "No, it was already checked and it was 91 or 92!"

PA: "Well, let me check your blood pressure."
Mom:  "No, it was already checked and it was just fine."

PA:  "Well, let me check your lungs."
Mom:  "Well, it's about time."

I don't know what the PA said about her lungs, but Mom told her that she didn't do her job in the first place!  That if she'd done her job in the first place, she (Mom) wouldn't have had to call emergency....and that if she HADN'T called emergency, she would STILL BE SICK.

and my mom walked out....

She told me she was with 'that ole PA' about 2 minutes.

Becky, my sweet little sister-in-law, was sitting out in the lobby...Mom walked out and said, "Let's go."

I told Mom she most likely was that PA's dinner conversation.

"Umphhhh" was all my mom said.

I told my Mom I was sure happy...she definitely sounds and seems like she's feeling better!

She did tell me she has asked the good Lord to help her to have more patience, and that He needed to hurry!

Yep, she's better!

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Anonymous said...


This is hilarious! She may have been a little under the weather but she has her strength al right!

I'm glad you are feeling better :)