Monday, June 15, 2015

May 25, 2015; Benjamin's 6th Birthday party!

Benjamin loves Legos..
so his party was done in the colors of legos...
basically, the primary colors!
This trampoline always seems to be a hit...
party or no party!

 Carla and Nicholas
Emerson and William
Alan and Nicholas
Opening gifts was definitely fun!

Back to the trampoline...
this is definitely a jumping bunch of kids!

Opa, Oma, Emily, and Gabe

It was Memorial Donnie hung up an American flag!

Emily, Emerson, & Gabe
Emily and I with our kale
Brandon and Benjamin

The birthday boy with his dad, brother, and mom!
Opa...aka Jean Marie
UG,  Uncle Gabe
After things had settled down, William was looking at the things in his gift bag.

6 years old...Wow!
I remember 6 years ago so well...
Benjamin was early...
and I was there when he was born...
that was definitely special!

Happy birthday, Benjamin!

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jujabbo said...

It was a great party with lots of great family and friends! Thanks for the blog mom.