Thursday, January 07, 2016

Thalia and JT

  This is Thalia and JT.
I have been hearing about JT for a long time...close to a year.  However, I had never met him.  Ron and I just went to London, so it was our chance to meet Thalia's friends.  JT was first, of course.  
 What a great guy he is!  We definitely liked him a lot!
 Watching him and Thalia together was fun...
 He held her mirror while she put on her makeup...
 Maybe even advising her on how to put it on?
 We also got to meet Grace!
It was fun not only to meet her, but to listen to Grace and Joshua.
The way Joshua was talking to her, reminded me so much of my Dad!  He always joked around with those he adored...and Joshua was doing the exact same!
 Jasmine also came over.  Jasmine is originally from Italy, but she's lived in London for about 10 years.
 Grace was born and raised in London.
 Thalia got her guys in the same picture...

 and then Joshua did a little photo bombing!

Yep, this was fun....taking some pictures of JT and Thalia...and getting the benefit of also getting some of Grace and Joshua!

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