Friday, April 01, 2016

Brody turns 2 years old!

 I was in Colorado in February...which is also the month Brody turned 2!

 He's a sweet little man!

 We played outside whenever the weather permitted.
It was cool, but he bundled up!

 He liked the football...

 I tried to explain to him that footballs were for throwing, not eating!
He laughed!

 I remember when I was a bit nervous when Brody and Remy would come down the stairs.  
Not anymore!

 February 12th was his birthday.  
We didn't celebrate that day, but his grandparents, (my baby brother and my sweet sis-in-law, Becky) bought pizza and a cake and we celebrated on February 16th.

 He liked opening his presents...
and arranging the chairs in a line...

 It was time for birthday cake!

He loved, loved, loved blowing out the candles!  It was hilarious!
 oops...somebody wasn't happy about something!

 Ok, now all is well!

 His mama was getting his cake cut up...
2 years old!
Oh my!  It doesn't seem possible...

Happy 2nd Birthday, Brody!

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Anonymous said...

Judy, these are great pictures!