Thursday, April 07, 2016

William learns to ride his "pedal bike"

He should be the poster child for balance bikes!  He's had a balance bike for...I don't know...probably a couple of years...maybe not quite that long.
It's a regular bike, but has no push it with your feet...and balance on it, thus, the balance bike!
 I have already posted about him learning to ride his bike, but this post just has more photos...and it's just about William!
 Donnie took him outside, and it was literally less than 5 minutes before Donnie let go of the seat of the bike and William took off on it!  I was in shock.
 William was unfazed by the whole thing.
He didn't seem overly proud of himself...

It's just what you do, it seemed to him!
These photos in his plaid shirt were taken the day before he turned 4 years old.
 He saw Opa...and rode over to tell him something...
but it was nothing to do with the amazing bike riding he had just learned to do!
 The day after his party, his Papa and I wanted to see him ride his bike a bit more.
We went out to the back road of their house.  
William didn't quite have the confidence to start off on his own, still
wanting someone to start him off,
although he definitely could do it on his own!

 Off he goes......................

I guess it's probably not the best thing to be riding without shoes or a helmet...
but this isn't the norm..
but it's also William...
no fear!

Your Mimi and Papa sure are proud of you!

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jujabbo said...

Great blog on my little bicycle rider! He liked seeing the pictures.
Thanks Mom!