Monday, April 04, 2016

Cousins in Colorado

 Brody and Remy
cousins living in Colorado.
 They're actually cousins
living in the same house in Colorado!
 They both love to be outside...

 The steps used to be a challenge, at least for Brody,
but now, they both have no problem at all!

 Sitting at the counter, Remy was telling Brody all about his car book...

 Brody was more interested in the animal book that he had..
This was in February...
Now, Remy isn't living there anymore...
He's moved to Texas, along with his Mama and Daddy..
It won't be the same without him!
I'm betting that Brody is a bit lonely without his cousin to play with!

2 year old cousins!  What fun!

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