Friday, April 01, 2016

We visit our little men in mid-January!

 Mid January, I was having withdrawals...withdrawals from all my little men...and their parents!
We headed down to Lindseys, getting there on Friday evening about 10 p.m. 
 Saturday, January 16th, we played!
We played on the trampoline...a LOT.
William kept asking me if I wanted to see 'his awesome.'
 He was showing me all his gymnastics moves...and more.
This little man can do flips in the air like you wouldn't believe.
Actually, scares me!

 I love watching Benjamin and William playing together.
They were playing with this exercise ball...
getting a bit rough at times.

 Their sweet mama got on to watch her boys!

Benjamin takes after his Mimi!
 Back on the trampoline, the boys attacked their mama
and got her down.
It was a perfect picture!
 These next ones were a little later in the day.  William wanted to show me some more of his "awesome"!!!

 Back to wrestling...

 William's feet after some trampoline fun!
 My buddy in photography was checking out his photos!  I'm sure they were all great!
 Next on the list was legos!  Both of these boys love their legos.  Benjamin is a MASTER...
 and William is amazing, in my opinion, for being 3 years old!

 One of the things we had given Benjamin for Christmas was this book on Knock Knock jokes.
 He was reading a lot of them to me...
This was great!
We laughed and laughed...
and what a great time we all had!

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