Tuesday, November 01, 2016

Benjamin's baseball practice on October 14th

 I was excited to watch Benjamin's baseball practice.
 We got there a little early, so he was playing catch with his mom...

 William was waiting for his buddies to get there!

 Lindsey has signed William up for T-ball next season.
He played a little bit...until his buddies came.

 Whew!  Good catch, Benjamin!

 Another great catch!

 I was so impressed with the coaches!
There are 5 of them.
 One of William's buddies....

 blue chalk...
 The team had so many great drills!

 William and another of his buddies...

 Benjamin had a new baseball backpack.
He was so proud of it...
can you tell?

Wow, Benjamin!  You had such a great practice...
and I absolutely love your backpack and bat!

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