Monday, June 12, 2017

Benjamin's 8th Birthday party

Benjamin had his 8th birthday party on the day before his actual birthday.
Party on the 29th, turned 8 on the 30th!
The last two parties, they've rented one of these jumphouses...
always a huge hit with the kids!

I love seeing all these kids twice a Benjamin and again at William's parties.
 Many of the kids, I've known since they were infants...and now I'm seeing their siblings.

Donnie and Ron usually barbeque hotdogs...sometimes hamburgers...
always salads and snacks and drinks.
Their backyard is the perfect place for a party!
They have so much a great swingset...
and the trampoline.

Hi, Everest!

Emerson and his Papa had a mock game of baseball...
notice their arms?

Hi, Walt!

Benjamin, I can hardly believe you are 8 years old!

Emerson is also a new 8 year old..
17 days older than Benjamin.

I hadn't seen Gabe's flamingo shirt!

The Minecraft birthday cupcake!

It was a difficult task to get the candles lit...
a breeze had come up.

Happy birthday, Benjamin!

These are baseball buddies...they are on the same team this year.

Emerson enjoys the baseball net when he's here.

The "Look at our arms" shot.

And this is #3!

Betty, commonly known as "Oma" is neighbor extraordinaire!

 8 years ago...these two came into my world and forever changed me!

 Walt, are you being shy?

 And here are "Opa" (neighbor extraordinaire) and Papa!

 You're looking good, Nicholas!

 The party was winding down...
it had been a Minecraft theme...

 The boys love to have the streamers hung at their parties...

 Later, after all his friends had left, Benjamin opened his gifts.
 I love it when I see them looking at and reading their cards!
What a great party!
Happy birthday, Benjamin!

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