Friday, June 23, 2017

Walt and the 115 year old rocking chair

Walt was enjoying rocking in his great-great-grandfather's rocking chair!
 Granddaddy King was born in November of 1901.
 He was given the rocking chair on his first birthday in 1902.
 My  mom was given the rocking chair on her first birthday...
April 12, 1928
and somewhere along the line, it was given to me.

 On a different note: training is becoming more difficult!
I think Baxter might have separation anxiety!
Definitely my diagnosis.
He follows me around continually...
and when I put him outside, oh my!
He will cry and run back and forth between the two back doors...
This little pup doesn't really have separation anxiety!
But he was checking out his parents' car out front....even though they weren't home.


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