Friday, June 16, 2017

Mr. Purple becomes Baxter!

Saturday, June 3, we headed north to Salem, Oregon.
We were going to get "Mr. Purple."
 Once we checked into our hotel,
we went to meet Mr. Purple for the first time.
He was loving playing with his mom, Gabi, and his sister, Miss Orange.
 He still had other siblings there:
Mr. Green, Mr. Blue, and Miss Red.
Miss Yellow had already gone to her new home.
See the purple ribbon around his neck?
That's why he was called Mr. Purple.

We had talked and talked about what we were going to call him.
I thought it would be hard to change and call him anything else.  I had talked about Mr. Purple so much...thought about Mr. Purple so much...

We played with him...visited with The Levy's, his breeders...
and then we took off for the night...

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