Monday, June 05, 2006


In the summer before Lindsey went into third grade,her friend Katie's cat had kittens. I had lived my entire life not liking cats at all...I was allergic to them, I felt they were sneaky, and I just didn't like cats. Lindsey and Katie set out that summer to change that view.

Lindsey called me from Katie's one day to ask if she could bring this kitty up for me to see. "No," was my answer. Lindsey pleaded...I stuck to my answer. After a while, maybe the next day?...Katie called to just let me know that Lindsey had been crying a lot because she REALLY wanted me to see this kitty and she REALLY wanted it. After some coaxing, I agreed. OH MY GOSH! It was THE most gorgeous kitty...white/grey with these huge blue eyes. To make a long story short, Lindsey got to keep the kitty, but I insisted...IT WILL NOT BE IN THE HOUSE. Um? Did I say that? Well, I called one of my girlfriends, Elaine. Now Elaine can get a bit excited. She came over and was GIDDY over this kitty. She wanted to be the one to buy him a litter box and litter...which she did. Then, here's the truly Elaine part...the kitty went to the bathroom in the litter box! Elaine was absolutely cheering him on! Yep, that's my friend, Elaine!

The Kitty became Eskie...short for Eskimo. Now it is 17 years later and Eskie is one of the loves of my life. I love that cat and cannot imagine life without him.

Our refrigerator now not only has pictures of people, but it has pictures of CATS! Eskie is there, of course. But then so is Fluffball, Smores, Cookie, and Embers. There's one cat not on the refrigerator yet, and that's Pumpkin.

Lindsey and Donnie don't have children, they have Fluffball! Fluffy is a bit spoiled, he's their baby. Two years ago, they carried him along in a backpack when they went on a trip for their first wedding anniversary. Now he's big and black and vocal. By the way, that's Donnie with Fluffball on his head!

Smores was originally Emily's cat. After she and Gabe married, Smores acquired a Daddy! They don't have children either, they don't have room for babies because they have three cats! Cookie was their second kitty...and he's ADORABLE. Cookie will let you hold and pet him..but he is jealous of Pumpkin! Pumpkin was adopted, I suppose, when Gabe and Emily moved into their house. Poor Pumpkin had been abandoned. Pumpkin is sneaky...he sneaks into the house whenever no one is looking. Pumpkin walks around on high heels all the time, or at least that's what it looks like.

Embers, is Camilla's cat. She had wanted a kitty for a long time, and then when she got leukemia, she sweet-talked her folks into letting her have a kitty. Embers and Pumpkin look a lot alike, but Embers doesn't wear high heels.

Now there's Joshua, Erica, and Thalia. They don't have cats, not a single one. They have two HUGE dogs...and a fish!

We can't forget about grey kitty and yellow kitty...but they didn't make the refrigerator.


Anonymous said...

I think you need a picture of Cinder Claws for your refrigerator. She knows how to use her kitty box too!!!!
Hugs and Bugs,

Anonymous said...

I think my dogs would eat the cats ...since they've already eaten my garden hose, the neighbors CDs, my sprinkler, my lawn chairs, my screen doors, Thalias night lights, my TV remote, (sure to be continued)