Monday, June 26, 2006

Off to Europe

Lindsey and I are leaving Thursday with 17 wonderful high school students from the bay area to travel for 3 weeks in France, Italy, and Malta.

The organization we are going with is called People to People. It was started back in 1956 by Pres. Eisenhowser. I was hired on in November and began meeting with the delegates in January. Lindsey was added on in...I think it was February.

We've been having meetings in the bay area for nearly 6 months. In that time, we lost a few delegates for various reasons, but 17 have stayed with it. Lindsey and I have grown so attached to them and feel very blessed to have this opportunity to travel with them. This is an educational trip, with the delegates earning high school credit and the opportunity to earn college credit. They've had to give cultural presentations in our meetings...and keep a journal on various topics.

Our first stop will be Paris. We'll also visit Versailles, Lyons, and the French Riveria - all in France. We'll then go to Monaco and then on to Italy. In Italy, we'll visit Florence, Pisa, Rome, and Naples. In Sicily, we'll visit Palermo and other cities...then we'll be off to Malta. In Malta, we'll be staying with host families to experience what daily life in the Mediterranean is like. There we'll visit Valletta, Mdina, and cruise to the small island of Comino where we'll swim in the Blue Lagoon!

Hopefully I'll be able to post to this blog...or to while we're traveling. Keep tuned in....


Anonymous said...

Please be carefull mom. I'll be watching the "blog" for all the new happenings.
Josh (Eskies brother)

Anonymous said...

Have fun Judy, be careful and we love you.