Monday, June 19, 2006

Visiting Northern California

There can't be too many places more beautiful than northern California. When my nephew, Addison, and his girlfriend, Kasi, came out in May - Ron and I showed them all around. Addison had been here before - when he was a little guy, but Kasi had never been to California at all. Here's some of what they saw.

We started in San Francisco...a perfect place to start. Fisherman's wharf is a huge tourist place...but that's what we were. Addison bought a magnet for Saddie...we took pictures with Alcatraz in the background, and of course, we laughed at the antics of the famous sea lions.

Lombard Street is a top tourist spot. We walked UPHILL to walk DOWN Lombard! We also visited Ghiradelli Square. Kasi wanted to buy CHOCOLATE for her Mom...I, of course, bought DARK very favorite. That night, we - along with 100,000 other people, went to a free Los Lonely Boys concert at Pier 30 and 32. It was a bit cold. That was all on the first Saturday. Sunday, we met Lindsey and Donnie at THE ballpark to see if Barry Bonds would hit THE BIG ONE...he didn't. But it was fun to see the Giant's play.
From all the beauty of San Francisco, the city by the bay, we ventured north, to the unbelievable natural beauty of the north coast.

Addison and Kasi took a bike ride to Clam Beach. I don't think they found any clams, but they took some great photos.
Later in the day, we were off to Lady Bird Johnson Grove. That is ONE beautiful stand of redwood trees. There is a loop trail, can't remember how far - maybe a mile or a little more - that winds through a beautiful redwood forest. Addison reverted back to his little boy days and he climbed - or attempted to climb - trees. He hid in burned trees and even went off to do his know how little boys like to mark their spot...
On Tuesday, Addison and Kasi went out with Ron in the WOODS! They looked for a BEAR...but no bear wanted to be seen. In the afternoon, we were off to Fern Canyon. Once again the little boy Addison emerged...climbing, climbing, and playing with his stick. Kasi and I took a lot of photographs. She did her fair share of climbing too.
Patrick's Point,which includes Agate Beach and Sumeg Village, was the order of the day for Wednesday. Kasi filled me in on Addison's climbing. Apparently he got STUCK on top of a BIG rock...I think it was near Wedding Rock, and Kasi had to help him down. My brother doesn't want me to talk about Wedding I won't. On the left is a view from Wedding Rock. On the right, is looking down on Agate Beach.

Thursday we were back down to Gabe and Emily's. It was late when we arrived, so Friday was the big day. Addison, Kasi and I went back to San Francisco to bike across the Golden Gate Bridge. We rented bicycles from BLAZING SADDLES! We rode the bikes from Fisherman's Wharf, across the Golden Gate Bridge, to the town of Sausalito. We ate lunch and then caught the ferry back to San Francisco. Back to Gabe's we went...

Saturday was a big day. We again met Lindsey and Donnie and went to Alcatraz. That place was amazing! From there, we rode the CABLE CARS up to CHINATOWN. We ate lunch at the HOUSE OF NANKING...well, we all ate except for Addison. He wasn't too fond of Chinatown's Chinese after we said our good-byes, Donnie and Lindsey took him to another great California establishment...IN 'N OUT BURGER!
We had a great 9 days with Addison and Kasi...Sami thinks "it's not fair" since she didn't get to come. Well Sami, here's your invitation! Here's the group for the 9 days: Judy & Ron, Addison & Kasi, Gabrial & Emily, Donnie & Lindsey


Anonymous said...

I know we had a great time with Addison and Kasi and the whole Johnston/Stewart family. The fireworks! Los Lonely Boys! We're looking forward to seeing you guys again soon.

Gabe and Emily

Judy said...

I loved that time when they were here too! Sami is waiting her time!

Anonymous said...

I wish I was invited. Where is California?
Uncle John

Judy said...

You're always invited, little brother! You're just too busy to come see your sister...your son and his girlfriend made time! ("a stab" if you didn't notice!) lol