Thursday, June 22, 2006

A Day with Mimi and Josh - by Thalia

a day with mimi and josh...once mimi josh and i went to the fern canyon. mimi and i climbed a huge broken tree trunk.we sall lots of difrint birds. mimi told me you can kiss a slug. after i kissed the slug my mouth got so sticky. josh had to wipe it with his shirt. after he wiped it with his shirt then his shirt got all sticky. but the slug that i kissed was green. that day when we went there it was hot. when we climbed the tree trunk josh took a picture of mimi and i sitting on the tree trunk.

today mimi josh and i went to go ride modos. we went by the beach. josh took us on a lot of hills. when we went on the hills it was sceary at first but then we got yust to it . when we got yust to it then it was more fun than it was.

Mimi and Thalia on the modos!

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Anonymous said...

Good job Thalia. Your a true blogger now. LOL
Josh (Thalia's "Modo" teacher"