Thursday, June 22, 2006

A Day with Thalia

Life is fun with a 6-year old! Today I played with Thalia all day. She started off by coming in about 7:30 a.m. "Good Morning, Mimi!" with a sweet kiss. I pulled the covers back so she could climb into bed with me...sometime a little later she was up and gone.

Once we were up and moving around, Thalia was ready for a fun game of CANDYLAND! Thalia won twice and I (Mimi) won once. After that, Thalia, Joshua, and I got ready to go ride the "modos"...aka 4-wheelers. It was patchy fog when we started...but quickly turned into an absolutely beautiful day. Thalia has all the gear...she has her own 4-wheeler, plus all the 'stuff'...helmet, chest protector, gloves, special pants and shirt...she looks the part! The hardest part for Thalia riding is her THUMB! Her thumb starts to hurt from holding in the throttle so much. But we rode. This was a breakthrough for me because I finally learned how to really ride a "modo". I even got it into 3rd gear!

Thalia loves to DRAW. She is incredibly talented...our refrigerator now is the proud owner of 3 Thalia Originals! After some intense modo riding, she drew. She doesn't need anything fancy...just any ole paper will do. Actually, on the way home from riding, she wanted to draw, couldn't find any paper, so she started drawing on her Starbucks paper cup from her morning hot chocolate!

Loving BUGS is another side of Thalia. Today she found lady bugs while we were riding, and 'rolly pollys' once we got back home. She decided the rolly polly was PREGNANT...and to top it off, the PREGNANT ROLLY POLLY had her babies in Thalia's hand! Um? This entertained her for quite a long time.

Thalia LOVES to talk on the telephone. So she called her MOM. She told her all about the BUGS. Erica must have been asking Thalia how to spell certain words, because Thalia was just spelling and spelling words. She would look at me to help her spell, then tell her mom that she hadn't had any help at all!

For dinner we had CRAB! Now CRAB is Joshua's all time favorite food. He LOVES CRAB. MARVIN loves crab, of course, since Marvin is part of our family, he came over to see Joshua and Thalia and to eat crab with us. Thalia decided she didn't like crab so she wanted a SANDWICH. Being the doting Mimi that I love to be, I made her a sandwich. But being a 6-year old, she decided she wanted crab. So Joshua and I picked her some.

Speaking of crab, there are two main ways to eat it. One is what I would think is the usual way...pick a little, eat a little, pick a little, eat a little. Well, not MARVIN...he picks the WHOLE crab, then sits back and enjoys it. I don't think I could do that. If Marvin wasn't 92, we'd probably try to distract him and steal all his picked crab.

Thalia also loves to play on the computer. She came up here to play games on the Nickelodeon website. She did that a while and now wants to type on this here comes Thalia!....


Anonymous said...

Well, yes Thalia loves bugs. When ever the milk carton gets empty, she takes it and uses it to make a home for insects. She then takes it in the garage and leaves it there until she catches more. Well here comes Dad to clean "his garage" out and throws it away when they have been in there for too long. Thalia comes running inside and tells on him (with me ofcourse)and she gets another carton or container and does the same thing over again but now she writes notes on the cartons to Josh saying that he better not throw this one away.
I shouldn't laugh, but I can't help it, my family makes me laugh, I love them both with all my heart.

Judy said...

Thalia and her notes! I have pasted in my Bible one of THE most precious notes written by Thalia to Josh. She told him not to worry, that she was not gone. That she had gone to lay down with Mimi. Ohhh, it's SO precious!