Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Camilla Update

The first half of the transplant went well. "The first half" is something I guess I didn't catch when Rema was talking about it. a matter of fact, right now as I write this, Camilla is getting the 2nd half of her transplant.

From Rema, the doctors took some of her stem cells. They couldn't give it all to Camilla at one time...not sure why. So yesterday she got half of them, and now she's getting the other half. As of an hour ago when I talked to Rema, Dr. Horowitz said everything was "textbook"...that's GREAT! We love textbook. Camilla was psychologically feeling a little bit better because she had not had a reaction from yesterday's transplant. She felt good enough to talk on the phone...that's also GREAT! She had a transfusion of platelets...that gives her energy too. But she's not eating...just no appetite at all. She's on TPM, which is a nutritional supplement they give her through her IV. She also is hooked up to an antibody treatment...more tubes. Plus they have her hooked up so they can monitor her blood pressure, heart rate, how many times she blinks (just kidding) but it seems like it! go to the restroom, well, it's nothing less than an ordeal. So Rema unhooks all the tubes, Camilla goes into the restroom, comes out, walks back over to the bed, and sees on one of the monitors "respiration ceased". Here comes Camilla...she looks at the monitor, looks at her mom, and says, "Um, so my respiration is ceased. I don't hear anybody running!"

Camilla, in spite of it all, is still here!

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Anonymous said...

I'll be praying for her!!!!!!! Even though I've had cancer, I'm more amazed by Camilla's story than my own. She is a trooper. Keep going sweetie!!!!!