Thursday, July 27, 2006


Target is a store I like to shop in. I don't know how many years the store has been around, but it seems in the past few years, it's making a comeback. I'm glad...for more than one reason.

Camilla and her mom live in Memphis in a beautiful place called...Target House! Target built it...actually, Target built 2 of them. They built the first one, it was instantly filled. Later, Target asked St. Jude what else they could do to help. St. Jude said they needed another Target now there is Target House I and Target House 2. St. Jude offers Target House as a place to live - at no charge - to long-term patients. Each apartment has 2-bedrooms, a living room, kitchen/dining room, and a bath. They even come completely furnished.

Earlier in July, Newsweek published a special double issue called "The Giving Back Awards." In it, there is an article about Target and Target House. Guess who is interviewed? Camilla and Rema! I think Camilla was more excited about Brad Pitt being on the cover than being in the magazine!

Guess I better go shopping to show my support of Target!

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Beverly said...

I love this! A friend at my church has a great nephew who is undergoing treatment at St. Jude's. And I'm sure they stayed at the Target House as well.

What an incredible girl Camilla is. Children are so resilient, aren't they.

I've read through your blog from the beginning. I started my blog at the age of 64, so one is never too old.

Came here by way of Tammy's prayer list.