Sunday, July 30, 2006

Cribbage Night

Marvin came over last night for dinner and cribbage. Ron barbequed and didn't think Marvin would eat the venison (I can't stand it) because it might be "too chewy." Wrong. Marvin loves venison...but he did say it was a little chewy!

In keeping with our routine, the cribbage board came out after dinner. I was determined to win since it's been a LONG time since I have. To start off, we cut the cards to see who would deal first. This is what I cut: Ah ha! This was certainly a good start for me. Now Marvin likes to reassure me that part of the game is the deal of the cards...and I know that's true. But how do you figure that Marvin, the master of cribbage, usually wins? I don't think it's just the deal of the cards. With the pegs, Marvin is always red, Ron is always green, and I'm always blue. Notice who is ahead:
Slow and steady wins the race is an expression I've always heard. Um? Well, at 92 1/2, Marvin is a little slower, although not much...and he's definitely steady...and here's the outcome of the game: Yep, Marvin won!

When I was in Sicily and Malta, I brought home two drinks we had Marvin try. One was an organic Merlot from Malta...and the other was a lemon liquor which was all over Sicily and Malta. The one we drank last night was from Gozo, one of the Maltese islands. Marvin thought the wine was delicious...he said it was "more robust"...which was a perfect description. He said the lemon liquor was too sweet for him, but he and Ron toasted before they tried it.

We definitely had a good time...but I have to leave you with this photo of the results of the last cribbage game of the night:

Uh oh, Marvin decided he better check his glasses to make sure he was seeing the results correctly!


Anonymous said...

I looked up Mucositis to see what it really is and it sounds extremely uncomfortable even though Rema said Camilla
s wasn't that bad (what I read on the blog). I can't believe how strong she is. Please tell her she is in my thoughts and prayers Judy. When you talk to her mom, tell her to give her a big hug and to tell her it's from me and also that I would love to play Apples to Apples with her again.

Judy said...

I will tell her. I talked to Rema earlier today and Camilla was doing absolutely horrible! Now she is on a strong narcotic to try to ease the a pump to give herself an extra dose (measured so she can't overdo it) when she feels the need! It's beyond horrible right now. She'll love to hear what you wrote and I know it'll make her smile - at least inside - to think about playing apples to Apples!

Gabe said...

Marvin lets you or Dad win every once in a while doesn't he? With neighbors like you guys there's still hope.

Judy said...

No, Marvin does not LET us's a battle. However, he is SO polite when HE wins...saying he got the right cards!

Anonymous said...

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