Friday, July 28, 2006

"Textbook" is not always good for Camilla

Life is not going well for Camilla today. My heart aches for her. She now has mucusitis. This is definitely a side effect of the radiation she had and the chemo she was on where she had to bathe every four hours. Last year when she had her first transplant, she never had the hope was that she wouldn't get it this time either.

Two years ago in San Francisco, she had it so bad that she had a pump where she could give herself a little extra dose of morphine to ease the pain so she could just swallow. Rema said it's not that bad...yet. I pray it won't be.

With this, she has sores...sores that hurt, that burn. It hurts to talk, to swallow, so she's just laying there trying to get through this time. Dr. Horowitz said it probably won't go away until she engrafts. Engrafting is what we're waiting for. That's when the new bone marrow starts to develop...when she starts to make her own T-cells.

To be thankful...everything is "textbook" - it's going like it should. It's just an extremely difficult time.

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Anonymous said...

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