Monday, July 24, 2006

Pray for Camilla

I've written about Camilla earlier on this blog (May 28th post)...and now it's time to write about her again. Tomorrow she is due to have another bone marrow transplant. Her mom, Rema, will be the donor.

Camilla has been fighting leukemia for 2 1/2 years. She's a trooper...she's strong...she's got a fighting spirit...but she's scared, as we all are. Right now her immune system is gone. That's what the doctors have to do for a transplant - they kill your immune system so a new one can form from the transplant.

It's just been a little over a year ago that she had her first transplant - May, 2005. Now here it is July, 2006 and she's going through it again. This time, she's been sick from the chemo, the intense chemo. One of the chemos she's on will burn her skin as it seeps out. So, to counteract that, she has to bathe every four hours so her skin doesn't burn. Every four hours...round the clock.

In spite of all this, as I was talking to Camilla yesterday, she wanted to know about my trip to Europe. She wanted to hear all about it...all the fun things we did. THAT is amazing to me. It hurts me to tell her of anything fun, when I know she is laying in a hospital bed suffering like she is. But, that's Camilla! Tomorrow is an extremely critical day...please pray for Camilla.

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