Thursday, September 14, 2006

HOW does he do it...and WHY?

ESKIE! Well, this is how I found him yesterday. I don't know HOW he maneuvered to even get in there without knocking everything down! I just don't get it...he NEVER got on the counter in the first 17 years of his life...why now? We had to start closing off the living room in the mornings because he started hiding under the TV cabinet which is huge and I would have to lay on my stomach and pull him out. He DID NOT like that...he even swatted at me! So he's back to trying the counter. He gets 'the boot' and has to go outside...but the next day, he does it again! Can't help but love him!


Tammy said...

Looks like he is trying to hide??

Judy said...

you're right! He doesn't like to go outside when I leave for school!

Anonymous said...

i think you just need to let him stay inside and rest all day. He so loves his home. Poor Eskie, condemned to spend his days outside!!!!

Rachel said...

He's only trying to help no doubt. In his own way of course!

I love the dog in the past post. Is that a Shih-tzu? I have one and he's the sweetest thing! How adorable!!!

Judy said...

Hi Rachel, No, Biscuit is a Llasa Apso..or maybe it's Llaso Apsa??? something like that. But she IS so adorable!

Anonymous said...

Good boy Eski! You sleep where ever you want to and when pops gives you the "boot", just sneak back in and hide in pantry.
Josh (True supporter of Eskis tactics)

Anonymous said...

Eskie is "The King"! We all know that.
(Josh, you crack me up sometimes)