Thursday, September 07, 2006

Mother Knows Best

Camilla called tonight. She sounded SO good (must be that LILT!) which made me happy. After a little bit of small talk she said, "Guess what?" Um? "What?" I answered.
"I HAVE T-CELLS!!!" was her reply.

Oh my gosh! I was so happy. I told her I had just blogged that her mom thought she might have some even though Dr. Horowitz said NO WAY. He actually had said she wouldn't get any for at least 3 months. As I was enthusiastically telling Camilla how happy I was, she told me NOT to get TOO excited because she didn't have many T-Cells. I told her I didn't care if she just had 10...just as long as she had them! So she quickly laughed and told me she actually had 2...yep, 2 T-Cells. Now that's not an actual 2...but it's parts per hundred or something like that. I'll have to ask Rema. The main thing...the GREAT her new marrow is making T-cells.

Camilla, who wants to be an actress, quickly told me that as soon as she had 50 T-cells, she could go to the movies. Hopefully within a week she'll be able to. This photo is of the theater entrance at Peabody Place, where Camilla and Rema go to the movie...when there's enough T-cells, anyway!

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