Thursday, September 14, 2006

How well do you know Judy?

Take my quiz!

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Gabe said...

I think I did very well on that quiz. You are both patient and kind. Love you Mom.

Judy said...

Wow Gabe! know your mom well!

"me" I assume that's you, E...I would think you knew me better than that!

Anonymous said...

What would it cost me to send for a list of the "real" answers?
I suppose there would be a Judy list as well as a Ron list. After all, who knows Jujabbo better than Ron.
Love ya! Bob

Tammy said...

well...I didn't score to well as I've just met you!
I hope to get to know you better and do better the next time you do this type of thing!

Anonymous said...

This is not a good test. Ice Tea has been always been your favorite. I remember you making huge jars of Ice Tea over and over again in Weaverville. Now this Cosmopolatin steps in and Ice Tea just gets pushed to the side. I'm not a supporter of this test.
Josh (The one who only got a 70 on this faulty test)

Anonymous said...

I thought I did pretty good. I think this test was terrific. I'm not a supporter of Josh. He's mad because he is embarrased!
Love you Judy.

Judy said...

Joshua made me laugh both with his message on the answering maching...telling me how wrong the test was...and then again with his comment! He actually knows me really well!

Anonymous said...

Judy, I did better the second time I took this quiz. My first comments did not show.