Saturday, June 30, 2007

One of the signs that summer is here....blueberries!

Thanks to Lindsey, we have blueberries ... lots of blueberries.

Lindsey always wanted to have a garden...she loves working outside (and now has some land where she has her own garden!). I can't remember how many blueberry bushes Ron planted when Linz was at home, but now we have nine. Two of them now have RIPE blueberries.

It was a gorgeous day...sunny & warm, and Ron and I picked about 2 quarts. I promptly made a lemon-blueberry pound cake. YUM!

It's definitely summer!


Anonymous said...

How yummy! I didn't know blueberries grew in humboldt. Well, I guess I did but I never thought to try and grow them!

Anonymous said...

I wonder if you can make anything out of blueberries that I could enjoy in Texas. I'm just about through with pear perserves. Just wondering. Love mom

Judy said...

I'll try and bring some jams when we come for Addison's wedding - if not before (according to when he gets married.) I just made some raspberry jam a couple of weeks ago...YUM! I don't usually make straight blueberry jam...but wish you had been here for the lemon blueberry cake...VERY GOOD!