Monday, March 02, 2009

Jack pays a visit

Jack came to visit today.I was so happy to see him walk through the doors of Room 8.I told him how happy I was he had come. He just smiled.I think he was happy to be back in school, too. He asked me if I noticed his sticker...that he was a 'visitor'? I told him I definitely noticed.
Jack asked me if he HAD TO WEAR it.

"No, Jack. You're welcome to take the sticker off."

This made him happy. He really wanted me to notice the logo on his big-boy shirt.Jack said he really wanted to play school. I asked him what he wanted to do first. He said he needed to sit down and think about it."Whoa, Jack! What a great climber you are!" I told him."Yep," he said. "I know it." He found my mallet and asked if he could play with it.

"Of course you can, Jack."

He said, "Thank you." He showed me how he likes to make his coffee in the mornings.

"COFFEE? Jack! You're too young!" I think I screamed.He dumped it out. He got a little quiet for a minute...then apologized and told me he really DIDN'T drink coffee, just hot chocolate. Then he decided to take a sip of some.He tried to decide what he wanted to do next. He was watching me out of the corner of his eye...Then he just started telling me how he likes to play with things...all kinds of things. I asked him if he wanted down from the chair...
"Ok, but I can get down by myself," he told me.
"Be careful, Jack."He got down and played with all sorts of toys...First, he wanted to get the cup again... and he wanted to get it himself!

He told me he was having fun with all the school stuff.
...but the cup is the best.
You can put things in can stir it...

"Mama, look how these go together!"
Jack really wanted to be at a he put all his school toys on top, climbed up, and continued to climb up till he was standing on top of the desk!

His mama told him he really shouldn't do that.
He heard his friend, Brooklyn, making some noise. He told her to "Shhhh."It was about this time that his mama decided it was time to take him home. His friend, Brooklyn's mama, thought she needed to go home too. So Jack and I said, "bye-bye"...and "see ya later.."

and off he went.


Anonymous said...

Judy, you're so much like your dad. Before we married I received a letter most everyday. The newspaper published a picure of a baby everyday and your dad would cut the picture out, write a caption and send it to me in my letter. I think I still have the pictures. Love you, Mom

Anonymous said...

Judy!!! Jack LOVES the blog and so do we! He had another fun day in room 8!