Sunday, May 03, 2009

Photo book on Sid

December 18, 2008, we lost my father-in-law, Sid.

I posted about him, how much we all loved him, how important he was to us.

Then I asked Jo and Larry/Sandra to send me any photos they had so I could make a book.

Just about the time I was finishing it, The Pioneer Woman, a blog I read, had a contest with Snapfish. Ree, aka Pioneer Woman, had made a photo book, loved it, then decided to run a contest and 50 people would win 5 free books. Well, my name wasn't chosen. I think Snapfish picked those 50 people.

Ree then decided to choose some awards herself. Tonight, after my extreme disappointment with the lack of support of my pregnant daughter-in-law (just kidding... not kidding that she's pregnant, but kidding with the lack of support - see the post before this one) I went to read Ree's blog and saw that she had selected the photo book I made on Sid as the winner of the best 'family photo book'! I am delighted!

I know our family will love it, but for someone who didn't know Sid to love it, well, it makes me happy, very happy!If you click here, then scroll down, you'll see Sid's photo (not the book) and the explanation for it winning!

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