Friday, August 12, 2011

The Klamath Whale

 Being out of the country...I've been out of the loop on what's been going on locally. 
 The Klamath River has had a 40+' grey whale (thank you, Laner!) swimming in first, her calf was with her, but the calf swam back to the ocean.  People tried to coax the whale to the ocean...but that was unsuccessful.
 She hangs out around the Hwy 101 bridge...swimming back and forth under it.  Some of my girlfriends and I were traveling north, and stopped to see the whale.  She is magnificent...and it's so sad that she's not going back to her home...the Pacific Ocean. 
The day we were there, there was probably 75 people on the bridge...she'd swim to the other side, and 75 people would run across the highway to the other side to watch her.

There are 2 policeman on either side of the bridge...must be on 'whale duty'... there are roped off areas for people to park... and, apparently, it's been going on for 45 days or so!

I heard today that she's not doing well...not eating...not in the salt water she special to see her so close, but so sad that she's not where she should be to survive!

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