Monday, August 29, 2011

A new trend?

 It's been no secret that I've been excited about my newest cowboy boots from my Mom! 

Sunday morning, my friend, Lynne, sent me an email about bathroom passes.  (It's a teacher-topic)  At the end of the email she said, "Now for the important part... I got new BOOTS!" 

I was excited to say the least...Lynne was super-excited.  I told her I was going to wear my boots to school tomorrow (which was today) Lynne, being the sweet sista that she is, said she would just wear her boots too!

Jump forward about 15 minutes...and there I am talking to my friend, Jake.  I started telling her that Lynne bought some new boots and how we were going to both wear them for the first day of school.

"Well, I have cowboy boots, too!" Jake told me.

I didn't know she had boots...and so I told her she should wear HER boots too!  She had to think a minute...seeing as she was contemplating the compatibility of colors between the dress she was planning to wear and the color of her boots...

"Shoot, they'll be just fine!"

I replied, "Yee-haw!"
 And here we are today!
Just found out Mo has boots, too!

A new trend may have just been started! 


Anonymous said...

. . . . these boots are made for teachin' and that's just what you do. . .

Anonymous said...

Hey Judy, the boots look mighty fine!