Monday, March 04, 2013

Addison's discovery

I got an email from Addison last week.

He told me that he and Soo were walking through a South Korea...not sure if it was in Seoul or where...but he saw these beers...

Now, Addison spent some time here...we were hoping he was going to LIVE here...but Soo is probably glad that didn't work out...but he knew this brewery - Lost Coast Brewery.   He told me her these beers were from this area...and sent me this photo!

What a great picture of Addison...and what a small world!  We found out Friday night, that South Korea is the largest exporter of this beer!  Who would have guessed?

Hope you enjoyed it, Addison!  FYI, your Uncle Ron has a case of the Great White in the garage.


Anonymous said...

Judy, this is great! Thank You!


Anonymous said...

Love the blog. Mom

Anonymous said...

Love the blog. Mom

Anonymous said...

Great choices Addison!


jujabbo said...

Wow, I can't believe you found Great White all the way in Korea!
Enjoy :)