Tuesday, June 10, 2014

A walk along the beach in the wind

It was windy on Sunday...very windy at the beach.
It didn't seem that windy at home...and it was warm, so I thought the beach would be a perfect place to go for a walk/jog.
It was, except that while I was heading north it was very windy.  At first I tried to jog, and just thought I was too tired from our trip to the bay area the day before.  I just couldn't do it!  I knew it was windy, but incorrectly assumed it was coming to my side. 
 Well, I was jogging right into it.  Coming back was a different, and much easier, feat!  Along the way, I stopped to take these videos.  You can hear the roar of the wind/ocean....and I hope in one of them, you can see the sand moving along the surface of the beach. (In the 2nd and 4th video, you can see the sand moving...you may have to look close!  The videos definitely do NOT show it very well!)
It was beautiful!

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