Wednesday, June 18, 2014


 Saturday morning, Emerson and I were playing Boggle Jr.  The word he was spelling was 'bowl.'  There was just a picture of a regular bowl...but for some reason, I asked him if he'd ever been bowling.

"No, but I've always wanted to try," was his answer.

So, seeing as you're reading this blog, you can guess what we did! 
 We went out to eat Mexican food...and then headed out for a night of bowling.  We had two lanes.
 Emerson had his own lane with bumper pads in the gutters...
 The management brought him the orange ball to use.  The finger holes were a bit too far apart for him to hold it like a true bowler!  But he did take advantage of the air coming out to get his hands ready!

 He was just so cute up there bowling!

 Papa was the champion...both games!
 Aren't these cute?  We were getting our shoes, and I asked Emerson to hand me one of the shoes he was wearing so I could see what size they were.  He told me he KNEW he wore a size 11.

Well, that's what we got, but the shoes he had on were a size 13!  He insisted the bowling shoes fit.

 He was loving this new sport!  After game 1, he requested we play another game!
 Game 2!

 Emerson was trying to figure out the scoring...and he pretty much did.  He filled in some of the numbers...and would tell me what the score was!

Yep, we had a grand time at the bowling alley!

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Anonymous said...

Way to go Emerson King. Baseball, golf, bowling or football. Wonder which will be the one? You'll be good at which ever. Saddie