Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Baseball in the Backyard

 Emerson has been visiting for 5 days....and oh my, have we had a blast!  We've played a LOT of baseball...mostly in the backyard.  On Saturday, we sat outside and had lunch in the middle of our playing.

 It was back to the game...

 We only had 3 balls...and we lost one.  We lost a second one multiple times, but always seemed to find it.  Emerson hit it over the fence on many occasions...with his Papa having to go knock on doors to retrieve the balls from backyards!


After one mighty hit, this was Emerson.  I asked him what he was doing.  "I'm giving high fives!  That's what you do after a home run!"
 He has a lot of homeruns...
 and a lot of high fives!
 On a side note, his new tooth is coming in!
 His Papa was showing that he was also a stud...even though he wasn't hitting the home runs...

and then we continued with some more baseball....and some more...and some more....

It was so much fun!

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Anonymous said...

What memories were made. Love, Mom