Saturday, June 21, 2014

Fish Festival

 On Sunday, June 15, we went to a fish festival.  We didn't do much of the 'fish' part, but we definitely took some pictures and had a great time with Emerson!

He spotted the ice cream truck and asked for a snow cone. 

He wanted to sit down to eat it.

We sat on a curb for AT LEAST an hour while he totally consumed it.  I was surprised that he didn't get any of it on him...not on his clothes, not on him!  We sat and watched the amazing variety of people walk by. 
 Then it was time to walk around awhile...after a bathroom stop.
 There's a historical lighthouse that overlooks the bay...and it's beautiful...the lighthouse and the setting of it.  This bell...which I did NOT read about, is next to it. Papa took our picture.  Emerson was impressed with how huge it was. 

"It's bigger than ME!"

 From the lighthouse, there is a trail of steps down to a beach.  We started down...and got about halfway when this aging Mimi's knee started to H-U-R-T.  So we stopped and enjoyed the scenery from there.  Papa got trigger happy with the camera!

I'm glad he did:)

 Then it was my turn!

 I love these!

We then headed down to walk on the pier.  We got about halfway down when our little man decided he didn't want to go to the pier.  
We headed back up...

 Emerson wanted to head back down to the beach.  I told him I didn't think I could do it so he told me to take some pictures and some video of him going down the stairs. 

I started with some pictures...
 See that bench down there?  That's where we were when we took the earlier pictures.
Emerson asked if I was taking video.
I wasn't, so I started.
I'm an obedient Mimi :)

Yep, we didn't have the fish at the fish festival, but we had a great time hanging out with Emerson!

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Anonymous said...

Love the pictures of you three and the scenery is gorgeous. Mom