Tuesday, June 24, 2014

My Golfing Buddy!

 On the 16th of June, I asked Emerson if he'd like to go golfing. (Yes!)

I called our local golf course and asked if they had a putter for a 5 year old that we could either rent or borrow.  The pro's response was, "Bring him on down!"

That's exactly what I did!
 In the clubhouse, the pro gave Emerson the club and then confirmed, "He's right-handed, right?"
I said, no, he was left handed...and that he was also a left handed batter.
The pro rubbed his chin a minute and then asked Emerson, "What do you throw?"
"I throw right handed."
So the pro told Emerson to try the right handed club and come on back if he wanted to switch.
 At first, he was trying to putt left handed with a right handed club.  I pointed out which side of the club you were suppose to putt with.  He mixed it up a few times at first, then got the hang of it.
 Everytime he got close to the hole or got it in, he'd let out a holler...actually, his Mimi did, too!
 I told him that if anyone else came to the putting green, we'd have to be quiet...that golfers needed to concentrate.

Some guy came up with his golf bag, set it down, then walked off.  Um?  I told Emerson he'd probably be back and we needed to quiet down.
 The guy did come back, and he putted about a half hour, and we TRIED to be quieter.  I think we did pretty good.  Every once in a while, I'd have to remind my new golfing buddy to shhhhhh.  He'd just grin.

This is a great little putting green.  There are 5 holes, I think...maybe 6?  I told Emerson you could just go from one hole to the next and go around to all of them.
He said he didn't want to do that!
I was taking some photos with my phone, too.  The battery ran out and I continued taking some with my d90.  After awhile, probably a bit later in this blog of photos, I picked up the camera and Emerson looked at me and said,
"Mimi!  Would you put that down and play golf?"
He may not have said 'Would you'...it may have just been a command.
I laughed so hard...he didn't.
He just smiled.
 We continued to putt...and every once in a while, he'd let me know that was 'his longest putt EVER'!
 I tried to get him to put his legs together...
 but he really didn't want much coaching after he got started...
 not that his Mimi is the best coach...

We putted a good while...1-1.5 hours...and we watched a guy at the driving range.  I was explaining to Emerson how the lowest score wins in golf...he wasn't too sure about that one.

Mostly, we had a blast! 

My dad is probably still smiling down from heaven!

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Anonymous said...

Amen to your Dad and his Saddie is smiling too.