Saturday, August 29, 2015

Exercising at Red Rocks

 The morning of August 15, we decided to go up to Red Rocks to exercise.  I was so surprised at how many people were there doing the same thing!  I would bet around 200 people were there.  It was gorgeous!
They were setting up for that night's concert.  They were testing the sound system, 'one, two, one two'...and then started blasting music.  It was perfect!
 These are the steps on the side...but to the right of this is where the seating is.  What we did was jog/walk back and forth along each row.  John David started at the bottom...or about row 18 (below that was roped off because of the setting up) and came up.  I started at the top and worked my way down.  Becky started at the top also.  I went from the top row to the bottom ... and it was 2.46 miles!
 As we were leaving, I just took some pics of the rocks from the car...these, of course, aren't anywhere near the size of the ones in the amphitheater. 

There's my baby brother...driving us home!

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