Friday, August 28, 2015

The little transplanted Texans

 This is Brody and Remy...
in their Texas outfits..
while they're living in Colorado!
 It was so cute.  I can't remember which one was dressed and outside first,
but then here came the other one,
dressed just alike...
and it wasn't planned!
 These little men know a little about Chick fil A..
especially their straws!
 Chick fil A straws are the best...
so the boys told me.
Remy works best with one shoe off and one shoe on...he can concentrate better
when he's trying to get the straw in the little hole...
 Brody was having to point at the exact spot Remy needed to aim for.
 Brody was real proud of himself!
 OK, enough of the straw business...
Brody decided to move on to the slide...
 Oh dear...maybe I don't want to slide..
The elephant is definitely a hit with both of these little men...
 Here came Sami...
she turned her little guy upside down...

 After they were completely finished with the straw, slide, and elephant,
they just decided to go sit down on the steps!!!
A perfect picture time for Mimi!!!
 I think they purposely conspired to NOT look at me at the same time.
 Remy, sit down!
Brody, look at Mimi...
 REMY!!! Sit down!
 Oh my gosh!
Thank you, Remy..
Now Brody!  SIT DOWN!
 Ok, forget it!
It was IMPOSSIBLE to get them both to sit and be still at the same time!
Brody ignored me and just took off running....
 Remy went back to the Chick Fil A cup!
Here's the scene...Saddy teaching Remy something (probably a card game), and Nanny telling her little man how adorable he was!
 While Papa was watering, Brody decided to abandon his cousin completely and go
help his Papa...
What a helpful little guy you are, Brody!

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