Friday, August 21, 2015

The boys are here! (and their parents!)

 THIS makes me happy!  The boys are here...the only thing that could make me having their oldest Thalia!
 William still loves his cars...actually, all 3 of them play with cars when they're here.  William kept lining them up on the stairs.
Emerson and Benjamin worked together on a game about trains.  I loved watching them try to 'earn' a new level.  They were so excited when they did. 
Here, they're not playing that game...but this is where I found them when they'd have some screen time...on our bed stretched out.  
I love it!
We had had Emerson prior to Lindsey's boys coming.  On Thursday of that week, they all came, including Gabe and Emily.  The guys had their annual fishing trip on Friday...where they all caught their limit of salmon!  Yeah!

 I don't think anyone loves salmon as much as Lindsey!

When Gabe and Emily arrived, Emerson was telling his cousins about his new baby brother.  He wants to name him 'Cruz.'

You may possibly be able to tell that Emerson is a bit excited about this coming attraction!

 All 3 boys then started hamming it up...

 that is...until the blueberries called!

Babies are sweet, but sometimes ripe blueberries are sweeter, at least for the moment!
 Gabe and Emily had to take off and head back...Emerson stayed behind.  He wanted to stay and play with his cousins and his Mimi and Papa!  Yeah!!!  But the boys took time for good-bye kisses and hugs.
Emerson told his mom he'd see her later...
 Benjamin gave his Aunt Emily a hug and kiss good-bye...
 William did the same to his Uncle Gabe...
Gabe stole a kiss from his soon-to-be-oldest-son!

It was a short and sweet time with Gabe and Emily here!

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