Friday, August 21, 2015

Playing at the Park

 The boys told me they wanted to go to Arcata Park.  So we went.  Once we got there, they said that was NOT the park they wanted.  Um??? 
 They played anyway!

 Binoculars and flashlights...
 Love, love, love this picture of Emerson!
 Benjamin is quite the climber!  He just climbed right up this structure!

 Emerson wasn't quite too sure about it...

 'Come on up,' Benjamin called...
and up went Emerson to join his cousin!
 William wanted to swing...
We didn't stay too long...seeing as it was NOT the park they wanted!  Oh well.  I never figured out which one they meant, considering this is the only park we usually go to except for the one close to my house...which we passed coming here...and that's not the park they wanted????  We decided to go home, have lunch, and then go for a hike.  

The hike will be a different post!

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