Friday, August 21, 2015

Hiking to Strawberry Rock

 We decided to hike up to Strawberry Rock...
 Benjamin carried his flashlight, "just in case we need it", Emerson carried his mitt and ball, and William, well, William didn't carry anything!
 The boys' Papa was prepared with his vest and hiking boots....

 Benjamin spotted some Banana slugs...that's plural...lots of banana slugs.
 As is our tradition, especially when we have Thalia, is he kissed it!

 This is for you, Thalia!  How can I ever see a banana slug and not think of you? 

 Papa picked huckleberries and gave them to the boys.  YUM!!!  Most of them were too high for them to reach.  Other hikers had already picked those closer to the trail.

 Lindsey picked her own...and then the boys found a few at their reach-level!

Donnie was waiting...

 Papa took us on part of the trail that was less than desirable!  It was a rock canyon...and it was H-A-R-D!  But we made it.

 William is an amazing hiker...especially for a 3 year old!  He did get a little tired, so his Papa carried him for a little ways!

 The end destination was 'Strawberry Rock.'  It sits high above the treeline...and from a distance, looks like a giant strawberry.  Once you get to here, the picture above, you have a steep climb.  I wasn't too sure of myself, especially with my I stayed here and the rest went up...and up...and up!
 These next pics were taken with my Donnie, Lindsey, and Ron...seeing as I was down below!  You can see how high they were by noticing the TOPS of the trees...the huge trees below!

 You can see the Pacific Ocean in the background!

 Now this was coming down.  I didn't take pictures of them climbing up... This is SO steep....I don't think the pictures do it justice!
 Ron and Donnie would sandwich the boys, one at a time, between them as the boys climbed down.

 It was about here that William couldn't get his footing...and his Daddy came to the rescue.  How in the world Donnie carried him climbing down, I don't know.  Guess that's what it means to be a Daddy!

 Lindsey was the last to come down...
 This is for you, Emily.  Emerson picked flowers for  you and wanted me to hold them, or to put them in my pocket.  I told him they wouldn't last...and suggested we take a picture for you!

 We stopped along the way home to take some pictures.
I have traveled so many places in this world, and I've yet to find anywhere more beautiful than where we live!

What a great day!

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Anonymous said...

I remember that place. Looks like everyone had fun.