Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Off to Rome, Italy!

 The morning of December 26, we flew to Rome!
 We rented an apartment in an ideal location!  We were about a 10 minute walk to the Vatican and a 5 minute walk to Piazza Navona...perfect location!
This picture above and below were taken out our bedroom building.

 Once we got to our apartment (after a hair-raising taxi ride!) we took off walking.
This bridge was at the end of the road our apartment was on.  That round building is the Castel Sant' Angelo.
I always think of Paris with the beautiful bridges, but there are definitely some great ones in Rome!
 Our first afternoon/evening, we took off walking for the Trastevere Region of Rome.  This is in south Rome.  The Trastevere region is described as 'the colorful, wrong-side-of-the-river neighborhood that provides a look at village Rome.  It's the city at its crustiest-and perhaps "most Roman". (Rick Steve's guidebook) 
 Trastevere used to be a working class area.  Now it's become trendy and apparently, a lot more expensive!  It's a great place for people-watching at night.

 The banks of the Tiber River have really been built high.

 Rome has a LOT of graffiti!
Our first meal in Rome was dinner in the Trastevere region.
Delicious pizza!

 The streets of Rome were also decorated for Christmas!

 Every piazza seems to have a church...not just any church...not like churches you see in the USA...
but this 'church' was just tucked away in a little piazza.  
When I read about it, it's one of Rome's oldest church sites.  A basilica was put here in the fourth century....4th CENTURY!  That's when Christianity was legalized. 
 Aren't they spectacular?

 This street performer was right outside the church...
Ron saw this car and wanted to have his picture made by it.  It was definitely sweet!
 Walking back home, this same bridge (as the 7th photo on this post), was so beautiful with all the lights!  That's St. Peter's Basilica (at the Vatican), in the background.
 This street was right by our apartment.  It led straight to Piazza Navona...but it also was where we found our gelato shop!  I think we had gelato from there at least once a day!
What a fun first day in Rome!

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