Friday, January 22, 2016

We started at the London Eye...and ended at The Tower Bridge

On December 23rd, Thalia, Ron, and I took off for the London Eye.
It's ridiculously expensive, but if you're in London, you just have to ride it!
The views of London are amazing!
We were walking along the banks of the Thames River...
the Eye is across the Thames from Big Ben and Parliament...a perfect place for a photo of Thalia and her Papa!
 I don't have a clue what this is...but the architecture in Europe...
to me, is beautiful!
 Big Ben, Parliament, and Bridge Street
 The lights...theiy're so pretty...
notice the bird?
 We were getting ready to get on the Eye...
actually, we were probably on it here..
These are the pods...
I think there are 33 pods?
Each one will hold 25 people.
It takes about 30 minutes for one revolution.

 These were taken inside the pod.

 St. Paul's Cathedral...taken from the London Eye!
 Can you see who bought the London Eye?
I guess it's officially,
Coca Cola's London Eye...

 Big Ben and Parliament

 Once we were off, Joshua met us and off we went, across the Bridge heading toward Big Ben.
 Big Ben is actually the name of the bell itself, not the clock.
The tower is 320 ft tall and was hung in 1858.
For reference, the minute hand is 14 feet long!
 These are from the sides of Parliament.

 The grounds you can see...with the on the grounds of Parliament. 

 The north side of Westminster Abbey

I actually had another photo here...but I know my granddaughter, and she wouldn't have liked it, even though I thought it was cute!

 The main entrance of Westminster Abbey

 Abraham Lincoln...
even he loves London!

 No. 10 Downing Street
Sound familiar?
Since 1732, this has been the official residence of the Prime Minister.
 One thing about Europe...well, about Europeans...they do not forget the World Wars...they know so much more, in general, that most Americans.
 The Queen's Horse Guard

 Iconic London!

 We walked...and walked...There were a lot of these dragon statues along the way.

 This bridge is the Millinneum Bridge,
built for the new millineum.
When Lindsey and I were here in 2000, it was completed, but there was a problem with it not being stable, so it was closed.  It leads across the Thames and is in a direct line with St. Paul's Cathedral.
 This is the backside of St. Paul's...
as seen from the Millineum Bridge.

 This is the front of St. Paul's
 These two pictures are taken on the Millennium Bridge.  The top one, you can see the Tower Bridge in the background.

 One of Ron's buddies ask him to bring him a rock from London and one from Rome.
Ron went down on the banks of the Thames to find a London rock!

 Joshua told me to take these pictures!  Wow..
the Tower Bridge with a full moon...

 London was definitely decorated for Christmas!
 This is the Tower of London...with the White Tower.

 Ron and Joshua walking on the Tower Bridge.
This was something I had never done...walking on this bridge!
 Taken from the Tower Bridge.
The tip of this spire changed to green...

 I love these 2 pictures!
What a great day this was!  We walked and walked and walked.  Once we reached St. Paul's, Thalia took the bus home...can't remember what she needed t do... but we kept walking.

In London, it was dark by 4:30... and it didn't get light until about 7:30 .. so the days were short...
but Wow, London is beautiful at night, too!

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