Wednesday, March 30, 2016

January 3rd, our extra day in London

 Before we left for Europe, I had made a list of things/places I wanted Ron to see.  By the time we were SUPPOSE to fly home, we'd been everywhere except Covent Gardens.
 Covent Gardens has some great shops
and there's always street performers there.
 Today was no exception.
 The Christmas decorations were still up.

 We walked around looking at the shops..
and then Ron noticed an Apple Store.
I went inside to check on my iPhone, which I had discovered earlier, was eligible for a free replacement battery.
Sure enough, The Apple Store at Covent Garden said they could replace it.  
I needed to leave it for a couple of hours.
 Our extra day not only got us to Covent Garden...
but we also had lunch at yet another pub!
Nag's Head

 We strolled around afterwards,
checked on my phone earlier than they had said,
and it was ready.

 These two pics of the street performers were back inside the building.

 London...what a beautiful city, especially during the Christmas holidays!

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