Thursday, March 31, 2016

Good-bye to Europe!

 We said our good-bye's early...before work and school.  After double and triple checking to make sure we had everything, we said bye to Blu, and closed the door for the last time.  We headed to Paddington Station where we caught the Heathrow Express which took us to Heathrow.
 It didn't seem like a long flight, or rather not AS long.  We never hit night, so the plane was light even when the plane turned down the lights.  If even one person had their window open, the plane was too light for me to sleep.  We made it to SFO, safe and sound.  Donnie, was there to meet us and give us our car.  He then took BART back home, allowing us to leave from the airport to head home.  Thank you, Donnie!

For our wonderful London crew, 
we had an amazing time.  We loved being with you and seeing London and Rome together.  What a great adventure!

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