Monday, March 28, 2016

New Year's Day in London

 Listen to the bells of Westminster Abbey!

 This was amazing!
Ron and I went to a New Year's Day communion service.
I so wanted Ron to see both Westminster Abbey and St. Paul's Cathedral...and not just see them, but experience a service.  We did both:  Christmas Eve service at St. Paul's and 
New Year's Day here.
 This is carved into the stone on the front wall (outside) of Westminster Abbey.
After the service, we went back to the Westminster Arms to eat a bite
before heading back to Joshua's.
 This is the side of the Abbey.
 Big Ben?
Not the clock...
but the bell inside the clock is actually 'Big Ben.'

 It took us awhile to get back...
the roads were packed and some were closed off
because of a New Year's Day parade.

 Back at home,  Joshua was joking around with his baby girl...
 who was a resting a bit after being out on New Year's Eve!
Blu was in a resting mode, too.

New Year's Day in London...
we loved it!

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