Tuesday, August 30, 2016

July 30th...a bit of work by Joshua

 My baby boy!  We were so excited, so happy, to have Joshua here!  He's lived overseas for 3 years but now he's back in southern California.  I was happy he came to the northern part of the state to see us!
 This is trim on the house in the back.
We knew it was soft, but Joshua was ready to tackle it and get it replaced.
When they took it off, the fear was termites..
but it's not!  Whew!
 Joshua wouldn't let me take any pictures while they were working cause he had his shirt off.  
Oh, Josh!
 Instead, I took pictures of our roses that were blooming!

 Now you might think these boys are eating cereal, or ice cream.
Well, no, they're eating frozen blueberries!

Benjamin and William have been eating frozen fruit frozen for a long time.  I think this might have been a new delicacy for Emerson.  I don't quite think frozen fruit is that tasty when it's frozen,
but these boys love it!

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